M is For Money, Not Morals

BY: Emily Chang, Section Editor

Over the years, China has come a long way in terms of economic and industrial development. Legions of skyscrapers and apartment complexes have materialized, and the air quality seems to have improved slightly from governmental measures. However, underneath this façade of progress and wealth hides a corrupted moral compass, one that has and continues to lead some Chinese citizens to prioritize money over morals. In Guangzhou’s recent double-hit-and-run of two year old Wang Yue, questions of China’s moral standards have surfaced.

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The Perils of Football Fandom

BY: JJ Wong, Staff Reporter

Drama, intensity, heart wrenching-gut-busting moments. The indescribable joys of a well-taken goal and the soul-crushing devastation of watching your team suffer defeat. Football is not just a game and (and by football, I mean the sport where you actually play with a ball using your foot, not the “American edition”) the statistics speak for themselves: football is the world’s most popular sport with over 1.3 billion people “interested” in the sport.

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ISB Students Benignly Deterred From Artistic Endeavors

BY: Stephanie Wang, Staff Reporter

Our parents are our best friends, whether we acknowledge that or not. They only want the best for us and expect us to reach the best through hard work and determination. But do they know what “the best” actually is always? Is it to attend a prestigious university, have a lucrative career, and gain happiness because of our successful careers and stable lives? Often, there is a certain disparity between our parents’ and our definition of “good,” “success,” and “value.” Our interests may sharply contrast with theirs, especially in the case of artistic endeavors.

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Neighborhood Review: Guitar Street

BY: Emily Harwitz, Staff Reporter

Nearby the Drum Tower in Beijing’s Dong Cheng district, an opportunity for fun called Gu Lou Dong Da Jie, fondly known as “Guitar Street” lies waiting to be explored. Its relatively easy-to-access location coupled with its abundance of interesting, quirky, and—dare I say—hipster, little shops makes Guitar Street an ideal location for a weekend adventure.

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Movember: the Joys, Woes, and Motives of Moustache Cultivation

BY: Amanda Song & Rebecca Qian, Section Editors

Movember, a portmanteau of the words “Mo” (short for “moustache”) and November, is a month-long moustache growing charity event dedicated to “[raising] vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.” 1 Embracing the hairy month is more difficult than you think. As the men’s health awareness celebration draws to a close, several male teachers give The Break the run-down on the heart-wrenching, month-long separation from their beloved razors.

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FCD Visits ISB

BY: Angela Chen, Hazel Chew, & Jane Park, Staff Reporters

How was your experience with Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD) this year? FCD is an organization that helps educate students from all around the world about alcohol and drug use, and sends a couple of speakers to ISB each year. Some students and teachers find the event interesting and helpful, but others view it as too time-consuming and not especially effective.

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Table Tennis Becomes Varsity Sport

BY: Brian Zhan, Staff Reporter

Table Tennis is officially going to become varsity this year as a Season 2 sport, and it has been a long time coming. Three years ago, Table Tennis began at ISB as a club sport. Until recently, players traveled as a Junior Varsity team, only recruiting members by word of mouth rather than through announcements. Although it is small in terms of members, since it was founded, the Table Tennis team has stood out because of its many outstanding achievements.  The team has repeatedly won all tournaments it has participated in, including China Cup, ISAC, and ACAMIS. Its members are also regularly ranked in both first and second place in singles and doubles events in these tournaments.

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Gaddafi: Libya’s Loose End

BY: ERIK WOLLTER, Staff Reporter

Even if you have beenliving in a cave isolated from all media, or playing too much League of Legends, or simply have studied too intensely to get the highest possible GPA, you have perhaps heard that Gaddafi, the dictator of Libya has deceased at the hands of rebels. Known as the “Mad Dog” of the Middle East, Gaddafi’s departure is captured in a choppy, chaotic video, depicting a group of rebels as they tracked down and killed their ex-leader. In the wake of Gaddafi’s death, U.S. President Barack Obama announced in his deliberation to the press, “Libyans, you have won your revolution.”

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